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The post-Mike-Harris municipality of Kingston is an amalgamation of various formerly independent towns and villages — Portsmouth, Barriefield, and Glenburnie among them. It also includes many neighbourhoods named by developers: Bayridge, Strathcona Park, Polson Park, and so on.

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Among this second group, though mostly forgotten, is Picardville. When we think of subdivisions, we usually think of places on the edge of town that depart from the street grid with curving streets and cul de sacs. A little less lawn and sprawl than twentieth-century subdivisions, but indeed, askew, and on the edge.

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It got its triangular shape because when Picard bought the land, it was constrained on the north by the road to York later Toronto. A little Kingston french woman orientation might be in order. Loughboro Road is now Division later it became known also as the Perth Road, but again, think of all those lakes up north and you will understand why it took a while for it to get that far. Plum, Pine, and Patrick Streets are as they are now. The road now named Raglan was Picard Street.

ByPicard himself seems to have moved on to another enterprise even further out of town: an inn at Kingston Mills. Johnston of the Wesleyan Methodist Church announced a prayer meeting and sermon in the neighbourhood; and in January the Chronicle and Gazette printed the following item:. We think it our duty to put the inhabitants upon their guard against a set of miscreants who prowl along the streets during the night, entering the yards and premises of the householders and stealing and pilfering every kind of property which may be within their reach.

A few nights since two yards in Store [Princess] Street were entered and a large quantity of clothes which were left out to dry were stolen. A woman was seen at a late hour proceeding towards the French Village on Tuesday night with a large parcel of these clothes in a frozen state; she was immediately taken hold of and lodged in jail, and the property has since been identified.

Cord wood appears to be a favorite article with these nightly marauders. Orser, situate in the French Village. The trifling Report made by the Jury, is nothingwhen compared with what is daily, and has been for years, taking place in the Village.

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Young men, of good standing and reputation in the world, have fallen victims to their own foolishness and criminal indulgences, by frequenting the dens of immorality with which the Village abounds. Many of them, too, men of first-rate talents, and holding a high place in the estimation of their friends for morality and worth [illegible] a terrible catalogue of young men, who might have been ornaments to society, who had died an early death by resorting to, I had almost said living inthose infamous haunts of the unfortunate and abandoned.

The anonymous author even proposes that someone should write a novel titled The Mysteries of the French Village as a contribution to what was then a vogue for voyeuristic sensation fiction about the lives of the urban poor. Basically, the rich need to be protected from the poor.

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What can we conclude about the real Picardville from these newspaper materials? But for perspective, there were scores of inns and taverns on Ontario Street, King Street, Barrack Street, and other parts of town. Perhaps Picardville had a reputation that biased reactions. We might also consider that as the neighbourhood does seem to have been home to departures from conventional morals of the time, the name may have been in part xenophobic.

It is a mystery why Stuart would have chosen land in an allegedly depraved neighbourhood where anyone who professed religion at all was probably Methodist or Catholic.

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Furthermore, it is odd that even at the time of its construction the over-scale stone mansion was boxed in on a tiny triangular lot between Main and Raglan at Division. Address was 24 Main st. Directly behind that house on Ellice was 8 Ellice I believe. I will have to drive by to confirm. And come election day she would get as many Liberals as she could. Ply them with alcohol and lock them in her basement until the polls had closed.

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I remember when we first looked at the house to rent that there was a massive bedroom suite in the master bedroom that was alleged to have been presented to Eliza from John A. The old Woman who had just passed away was a Grimason maybe a grand daughter of Eliza. And most other existing buildings are clearly late 19th or early 20th century.

Plan of the west part of the farm lot originally granted to the late Mrs. Magdalen Ferguson, William H. Kilborn,detail A little more orientation might be in order.

Kingston french woman

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