Woman seeking a gentleman

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We are dedicated to continuing providing reliable, high quality journalism. This is possible with the trust and support of our subscribers in the community we are proud to serve. I am looking for a gentleman. Now a much older woman, I grew up in a society in which people showed respect to one another, especially men toward women.

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Manners were important. Men stood up when a lady approached; men took hats off when inside a dwelling ; men opened car doors for female passengers. A few days ago, I was heading to the bus stop.

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One man was already sitting on the bench and another walked hurriedly toward the only other empty seat, attempting to grab it before I approached. Both men sat on the bench, while I was standing next to them for 15 minutes, holding two heavy bags. Neither offered me a seat. Another recent time, a man and I were waiting for an elevator and he pushed ahead to enter it before I did.

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On a visit to the movie theatre, I noticed a group of young men w earing their hats inside during the entire feature. Now, I know that I am old-fashioned, and times have changed, but I am flexible. I open my own car door and hold doors for men entering the same destination as I am. I am looking for those who show deference and respect for othersregardless of age and gender.

My two grandsons ages 11 and 14 hold the door open for others; pull out the dining room chair for ladies; carry heavy packages to help those with the burden. I am grateful to my daughter and son-in-law also a gentleman for instilling these values in these two young people.

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At least I know that I have found two gentlemen in the making. Hopefully, there will be a whole slew of them in the future. Alice Felts. We understand the importance of working to keep our community strong and connected. As we move forward together intoit will take commitment, communication, creativity, and a strong connection with those who are most affected by the stories we cover.

We are dedicated to providing the reliable, local journalism you have come to expect. We are committed to serving you with renewed energy and growing resources. Let the Fauquier Times be your community companion throughoutand for many years to come. The future of Fauquier Times now depends on community support. Your donation will help us continue to improve our journalism through in-depth local news coverage and expanded reader engagement. Edit Close.

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Woman seeking a gentleman

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