Looking for a grandma in the Reno Nevada area

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When the topic of Nevada comes up, most tourists in this country think only of Las Vegas and casinos. I want you to share this column with family and friends who live out-of-state as it will help you brag about what a great place Northern Nevada is to live in. As a result, I thought it would be interesting to ask four local residents what they would like others in the U. So let's get started.

According to former Sparks City Councilman and retired Navy Top Gun pilot and journalism instructor Mike Carrigan, "This area is great for tourists because we have hiking, golf, snow and water skiing, kayaking, rafting, camping, hunting, fishing, the Reno Aces and the list goes on.

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And the bonus? After a day outdoors, we have the nightlife. We have everything here, including some of the friendliest people I've ever known. It's great. Retired state worker and volunteer Marilyn Rawson, also of Sparks, agrees with Carrigan and adds other attractions to her list. We also have wild horses, livestock of all kinds, geese, beautiful farms and ranches, cowboys and cowgirls, Native American colonies and reservations, ghost towns, rodeos, numerous parks, farmers markets, numerous family events, balloon races and the air show, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets and a world of services for seniors.

Northern Nevada is a wonderful place to retire and the mountains here take your breath away. Retired teacher and volunteer Rosemary Rice of Reno explained that she loves Reno and Washoe County because "there are always so many events going on such as Artown in July, and concerts of all kinds — including those put on by the Reno Chamber and Reno Jazz orchestras.

One of the downtown casinos has a summer evening musical series as well. Both draw people from all over the country. And the Good Old Days club is open to everyone and also features monthly luncheons with a variety of entertainment and speakers who present information about Reno's history. I also love the mountains. I'm so glad I live in this wonderful part of Nevada. Insurance agent Chris Wiltfang calls Fallon home and says she loves the rural community located approximately 60 miles east of Reno.

It is so green with all the pastures, farms and ranches and we even have a winery. It's incredible. As for Fallon, it only takes me five minutes to get to work and if I want even more beautiful scenery, I can drive to Lake Tahoe in an hour and a half. I am very fortunate to live in Northern Nevada and with retirement looming, I can truly say this is the greatest place to be. Don't forget, there's no state income tax.

If you're a senior from out of state looking for the best place to retire, look no further than Northern Nevada. We treat our seniors extremely well and it doesn't get any better than this. It is an incredible community to work and live in. I was crazy about it and still am. I will also add that in Northern Nevada we also have the historic Looking for a grandma in the Reno Nevada area very western Virginia City that features real cowboys, a stagecoach ride for tourists, the Mark Twain museum and lots of history and shops.

Carson City, where this columnist also lived a few years and loved it, is home to the State Legislature, state and children's museums and much more. As Carrigan said, "The list goes on. The way this columnist sees it, Northern Nevada is very family-oriented and residents here are very supportive of our youth with community and school activities.

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There are parks everywhere and the local children's museum is incredible. I know there are criticisms involving the school districts and more, but we're working on it. The people in Northern Nevada are friendly, kind, and they love to share when help is needed and I love living here. No way am I leaving anytime soon. And on a personal note, I thought of a new "brand" for our state. Are you ready? What do you think?

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OK, I know it sucks, but it's a start. My heart's in the right place but not sure my brain is. You guys probably have a better idea and I would welcome your input. In the meantime, I've got to get this column into the RGJ by deadline so I'd better do some proofreading and get it sent off.

All of you take care and please take the time to appreciate the fact that you live in a fantastic area in this country, so don't just sit there in the living room watching TV or feeling sorry for yourself, get out there and enjoy it. Go boogie. Anne can be contacted at pershinganne gmail. Facebook Twitter. Anne Pershing Reno Gazette-Journal.

Looking for a grandma in the Reno Nevada area

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