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II Anything that will give a professional writer an edge is worth its weight in gold, and I was expecting that kind of golden advantage after installing the IdeaFisher Systems program in my AST Advantage! The assertions on the program's packaging gave rise to lofty expectations. I would write better and faster than ever before, as Writer's Edge was the perfect companion for authors, students, teachers, entrepreneurs, etc. It would operate seamlessly with Windows and Microsoft Word as well as Word-Perfect and Lotus Ami Pro and could be accessed without leaving the word processing program.

I would have at my fingertips a database of more than 65, related ideas, words, phrases, adages, sayings, historic events and titles! Well, don't toss out Roget's Thesarus just yet. But as a professional writer who must work with deadlines and on cue, I found it offered little advantage when I knew exactly what I wanted to say and was merely looking for a unique way to say it Writer Edge is not a thesaurus, though I erroneously thought it might be the world's best after perusing the marketing copy on the packaging.

My expectations were soon shattered when I began working with the program. Wilkes-Barre booty chat line turned to the software after discovering I had used the word "solitary" too often to describe a bobcat In a magazine article. I figured Writer's Edge would pull me out of that journalistic abyss. I punched in "solitary," called up the PeopleAnimals listing and found an inventory of ideas that ranged from "abandoned baby or child" to "widower," with "lighthouse keeper" sandwiched in between.

Under the Verbs listing the inventory went from "abandon" to "yearning for a missing parent" with "lock a person in a room" and "meditate" among the median offerings.

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As I have implied. Writer's Edge does not serve as a particularly effective thesaurus. And the software did not run quite as seamlessly with Word as the manufacturer suggested. Writer's Edge installed quickly and easily and operated faultlessly in Windows But it was not until I was thumbing through a hard copy of the quick start guide in an effort to link Writer's Edge with Word did I encounter the enigma. As I'm running Word 7. This means I must jump back and forth between my Word document and Writer's Edge using the task bar each time I choose to access Writer's Edge.

It's just annoying. And that means I won't ' utilize Writer's Edge as often as I would if it was readily accessible from within Word 7. On the positive side, Writer's Edge does - operate flawlessly once you're working in it and text can be exchanged between it Word. Once within, the commands are friendly "and straightforward. Merely typd in a word l and you're off and running. Then, if you typed in "solitary," for example and opened the Topical tab, you would find related to "solitary.

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With "solitary" as the search word, there were eight including PeopleAnimals and AbstractionsIntangibles. And under the IdeasWordsPhrases tab came a host of words that might be associated with "soUtary," from "Abominable Snowman" to "yodeler" one who yodels. The pad is easy to use; simple select what you want copied to IdeaPad and choose the Add to IdeaPad button.

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Want to return to a word or Idea? Hit the History tab. There are 21 shortcut keys that allow : quick within Writer's Edge without using a mouse, though I find a mouse fast enough and the program's command buttons to be entirely efficient self-explanatory and satisfactory.

Certainly, students struggling through Creative Writing courses along with 0thers new to writing might find that Writer's Edge bolsters their brainstorming by providing a plethora, of incredible ideas and associations. When I need a word to replace "solitary," I don't want to waste time considering "Abominable Snowman" or "yodeler" ; v " - But then again, Writer's Edge never was 'intended to replace Roget's.

George Smith is the Times Leader outdoors editor. His address is Make free long-distance calls from computer K Iow would you like to make free longdistance phone calls using your computer? Internet phone service is a fast- growing industry, and new software packages are being developed every day; The idea is to use your computer's Internet link, which connects you to the whole world for the price of a local phone call, to transmit your voice instead of words and pic-tures.

The first commercial I-phone software that I know of became available more than a year ago. I participated in a demo back then and although I was Impressed with Wilkes-Barre booty chat line concept the whole experience was much like a couple of kids playing with cheap walkie-talkies. Only one person could talk at a time, the sound quality was scratchy and every couple of minutes the connection got broken. Since then, several companies have continued working on their products to make them more suitable for everyday use.

Newer versions of Internet phones offer full duplex which means both people can talk at the same time, just like on a regular phone linevoice mail, call waiting and caller I. IYe been watching the press releases on these products, and they've reached the point where they've added enough improvements and features that it's time I checked them out again. Besides, the idea of making endless long-distance calls for free is freaking out the telephone companies, and that's reason Dave Farrell's Roide Attractions along the Information Highway enough to try them!

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What do you need to run these programs? Most require 8 megs of RAM 12 is recommended with some ; at least a processor and a Youll also need a sound card, speakers and a microphone. Of course, the people you want to call must have similar setups. Jump on your favorite search engine and type in the keywords "Internet phone" to find them. Tm in the process of checking out k couple of I-phone products. It also allows you to share documents with other users and edit them online while you're both looking at them.

I hope that feature will come in handy on some of the collaborative writing projects I do with other Internet users. You can download a free sample copy of Internet Phone at http:vocaltec.

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You can find out more about it at the NetSpeak home at http:www. WebPhone has gotten some pretty good press reviews, particularly In recent months since it upgraded its sound quality. You can download a free working version of WebPhone at httpwww. This version has limitations you can talk for only three minutes at a time but it should give you a taste of what the full product can do.

Tell me what he collects and give me the URL for the that shows off his collection, m select a winner from all the correct answers and award a copy of "The Whole Internet User's Guide" by EdKrol. Drop an e-mail message to Dave FarreVL at roidebranch. Protect privacy when surfing the Internet Bmagine the telephone company tapping into your telephone to study your buying habits.

Chances are you would be outraged to learn that the phone company, after reviewing your calls, notified car dealers that youappeared to be shopping for a new car. Fortunately, telephone companies aren't intruding on our privacy in that manner. But the Internet is. Each time you post a message on an electronic message board or fill out a member profile for an online service you give up some of your privacy. Even the seemingly harmless act of surfing the Internet can leave behind a trail of personal information. Merchants wanting to sell on the Internet are creating novel ways to find out who you are, where you live and what you buy.

The result could be a flood of unwanted e-mail into your Internet or even phone calls or unsolicited sales visits to your house. The only way to protect yourself is to give out as little information about yourself as possible when perusing the Internet When you open an online you're often asked to fill out a member profile form. You're asked about your sex, marital status, hobbies, what part of the country you live in and perhaps even your real name.

That's so other users with similar interests and backgrounds can find you. Unfortunately, companies have been created solely for the purpose of combing through member profiles. Using your profile as a starting point they also search local phone directories and even court records to find out more about you. That explains why Wilkes-Barre booty chat line may be receiving junk e-mail from insurance agents, car dealers and the like. It has become such an issue that Steve Case, chairman of America Online, recently wrote AOL's 6 million members apologizing for the Wilkes-Barre booty chat line of junk e-mail some AOL subscribers have been receiving.

For now, Case and others are powerless to solve the problem. After all, the companies aren't breaking any laws. Even your Web browser can give up information about you. Web browsers maintain cookie files, small amounts of storage space on your hard drive that save information at the request of specific Web sites.

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Let's say you visit a Web site for a major automobile manufacturer. Your cookie file records the visit and notes that you visited the sports car area.

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The next day, you visit a sports site on the Web. As you enter Wilkes-Barre booty chat line area, up pops an advertisement for a sports car. In this instance, the sports Web site read your cookie file, learned that you had some interest in sports cars and flashed an advertisement to you for a sports car line.

Here's something to find out if personal information about you is available online. Point your Web browser to: http:www. You'll see four boxes for entering your first and last name, city and state. I entered my information and clicked the search button. In seconds the Web site displayed my home address and telephone" All of these services started out with good intentions. American Directory Assistance is like a big phone book. You can search for friends' phone s without dialing directory assistance. But merchants are using these tools to create junk mailing lists.

There are ways to protect yourself. If you want to protect your privacy you should: Configure your Web browser to alert you when a site is requesting information from your cookie file. Check Wilkes-Barre booty chat line browser users manual or online help files for information on how to do turn on the alert feature. Provide as little information as possible when filling out member profiles. Avoid "free" e-mail s. These companies will give you free Internet e-mail s but only if you fill out a detailed registration form.

That information is then sold to advertisers. Let's say you visit a sports site on the Net The site may feature a Java-enabled, animated scoreboard with moving text flashing lights and the like. Nearly all the Web browsers being released now have Java built in. You cannot add Java to older browsers. If you want to use Java, consider upgrading to Netscape Navigator 3.

Both support Java. Computer writer Barry Cooper welcomes your questions and suggestions. BoxOrlando, Flo. Phone: E-maib BanyCoopgnn. But beforeyou get back into "the swing of things" for fall, we'd like to take just a moment to remind you that practically everything can kill you.

We have here a Health Advisory issued June 27 by the U. This advisory, which was sent in by several alert medical people, begins with the following statement ''. But we here at the Bureau of Medical Alarm are asking ourselves: What if a single glove this is sometimes ; -called the "Lone Glove" theory were to burst into flames? What If this happened while the glove. One thing that would happen, of course, is the doctor would charge you a lot of money.

The underlying philosophy of our entire health-care system is that the more scary, painful, danger- ous and unnecessary a medical procedure is, the more it should cost So you would definitely pay top dollar to have a flaming glove thrust into what is technically known as the Booty Region. Once word of this lucrative new procedure got around, doctors would be prescribing it for athlete's foot And here's a related item to be concerned about An alert dental surgeon named Ian Hamilton sent me the June newsletter of the Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Dental Association, which contains a letter to the editor, accompanied by a photograph, concerning a latex medical glove that was found to have a MOTH embedded in one Wilkes-Barre booty chat line the fingers.

We have here a news item from The Denver Post written by Jim Kirksey and sent in by many alert readers, concerning Dave f Barry a man who arrived at a hospital "with a device in his sinus cavity that potentially had the explosive force of five powerful M ' firecrackers.

Here at the Bureau of Medical Alarm we are wondering: Why doesn't the federal government require auto manufacturers to warn us that air bags contain devices that could be deadly If we get them up our noses? This is especially critical. On a related medical note, we received a letter from Gail White, who works at a large hospital that shall remain nameless, and who relates the following incident "A man appeared at the emergency room with his hands over his face, demanding to see a MALE doctor, and to see him ALONE.

A doctor dreading to see some horrible disfigure-ment complied with his wishes. When the man removed his hands, he was revealed to have a brassiere caught in his nose by the hooks. Nor do we know how many men are, right now, suffering from Brassiere Nose, but are too embarrassed to seek medical treatment Our best guess is: thousands.

If you are one of these unfortunate people, we urge you to seek medical help; your doctor can tell you about a revolutionary new procedure to correct this condition. Tell him you definitely want the moth. Location: UFO Forum. Go: UFO ,?

Wilkes-Barre booty chat line

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