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Register Need Help? hundreds of passionate people in your community for a day full of entertainment, fun and, of course, our ature walk! Suite East Brunswick, New Jersey View our other locations. The Easterseals Annual Impact Report is here! Read about how, with the help of our supporters, we were able to make a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities. To enrich the lives of people with disabilities and special needs, and those who care about them, by providing opportunities to live, learn, work, and play, in their communities.

Our "On the Other Side" campaign is all about providing opportunities for people with disabilities to get to the "other side" of the barriers keeping them from achieving their goals. Let's work together! How can you spread awareness for disability rights AND look like the coolest person in a room?

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By buying our new t-shirts of course! All proceeds will directly support our mission of assisting people with disabilities and their families. Wintertime can be challenging for many people, especially during this socially distant time. Due to …. Due to the current COVID pandemic, many family members were separated for the holidays and were not able to participate in their usual family traditions. It is so important to check in with your mental health and make extra efforts to connect with loved ones.

Cold, snowy weather has even made outdoor dining and activities hard to find. Connection is an essential component of mental health. This time of year can be lonely for many people, and those feelings may be heightened due to the conditions of this global event. Fortunately, the new year brings new opportunities and with COVID vaccines already being distributed, we may see an easing of lockdown restrictions in the latter half of Here are some simple ideas to help you connect with your community during this difficult time:.

Organizing a facetime game night can be a great way to spend time with family and friends. Some games that can easily translate to virtual include Charades and Pictionary, but this can also be a great opportunity to be creative! Find a game that Ladies looking sex Cape May Point New Jersey whole family will enjoy and adjust the rules to accommodate any challenges that may arise with video calls.

There are also plenty of online games that accommodate multiple players — a quick Google search will show you all kinds of new options to explore. A virtual cookie decorating night can also be a fun and interactive way to bond with friends and family. Everyone can be in charge of their own baking and decorating, but you can compare and share tips over a video chat. There is even the possibility of creating a bit of competition to encourage friends to step up their decorating skills. While it may not be quite the same as a cookie exchange, it can still be a great way to spread some joy and have a few laughs.

Perhaps holidays or birthdays are coming up — try to use them as themes so that you and all of your loved ones can have a wonderful and memorable evening. While there has been a lot of challenges over the past year, many of us have so much to be thankful for.

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Take some time to create some unique family traditions to help you and your loved ones feel closer, even though you may be far apart. That could be as simple as sharing some kind words over a phone call, having a virtual family dinner together, or organizing a Tuesday night facetime party. You could also start a virtual family talent show and livestream the performance for your friends.

Everyone needs a little joy during isolation, so try to find some unique ways for your loved ones to share their cheer during these challenging times. The COVID pandemic has been life-changing for many members of our community, so it is more important than ever that we reach out to those in need. If you are able, seek out organizations that are supporting communities in need this holiday season. Likewise, ask for help if you are struggling. Overwhelming feelings of stress or anxiety can be difficult to manage on your own.

Talk to those around you about how you are feeling, and do not be afraid to ask for support. The only way to get through this difficult time is if we all move forward together. Seek out support within your community and be generous with your support of others if you feel capable to do so.

It is so important to try to keep connected in any way that you feel possible, but it does start with YOU. While it may feel easier to admit defeat and just try again next year, there has never been a greater need to stay connected, than right now. Not many people like taking the first steps to set up a virtual gathering, but all it takes to get it started is one phone call,or text.

Adjusting to the challenges of this pandemic can help you and your loved ones start to feel some Ladies looking sex Cape May Point New Jersey of normalcy. With some simple adjustments, you can find a sense of connection even if you are physically far away from the people and places you call home. This winter season is unlike any other before it and we know that Seasonal Affective Disorder AKA the winter blues is a real issue.

So be gentle with yourself and try to find opportunities to share joy with the people around you. Being the person who cares for others, who explains and mitigate risks, manages supply needs, and provides the emotional support during this pandemic for others, all while managing our pre-pandemic tasks can sure take a toll. As a result, caregivers, by choice or profession, are facing a higher likelihood of experiencing symptoms of trauma and burnout during the global pandemic. Experiencing such increased stress over an extended period of time will have a remarkable short-term and long-term impact on the caregiver community.

It can affect us both professionally and personally at a time when we need to be on the top of our game as we attempt to keep the pandemic at bay. Honestly, it is fair to guess you or frontline staff you know are experiencing some of the above. The question is, are these feelings impacting our daily lives and is burnout morphing into something more like trauma?

Being able to take preventative measures as well as recognize the symptoms and respond can help us all feel our best. Many of us have built a little COVID toolkit we tote around to help keep us safe, a mask and some hand sanitizer perhaps. Maybe it is swimming around the bottom of your purse or neatly tucked away in your glove box — but have you prepared a toolkit for your emotional health during the pandemic?

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Here are some quick ideas to help you fill up that toolbox and prepare for the tough times to come:. Keep an eye out for the s of burnout or trauma as listed above in this article. The post Who Will Care for the Caregivers? Not only have our lives been upended by a deadly pandemic, one of the best ways to cope with the mental backlash has been affected as well. Attending therapy can be beneficial in many ways; however, during these challenging times therapy can provide additional support.

Thankfully, telehealth is quickly becoming the new and accepted alternative to traditional as opposed to in-person therapy. With the rise of secure streaming technologies, we can meet with our therapist while staying safe in the comfort of our own homes.

Here are some tips to help make this transition a little easier:. We hope you are able to use these tips to make the most of your next telehealth therapy appointment. Do you have any other advice on how to make the most of telehealth appointments? Please leave your thoughts in the comments below. The election is right around the corner, taking place on Tuesday, November 3.

At Easterseals New Jersey, we want voting to be as easy and accessible an experience as possible. This only a shortlist of important items, so please let us know if you have any additional questions about how to ensure you can vote in You can also check out our Voting Information Center website for more detailed information and helpful voting tools.

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At the moment, most of us are stuck inside trying to keep ourselves entertained until this period of…. At the moment, most of us are stuck inside trying to keep ourselves entertained until this period of quarantine concludes. A great way to pass the time is by immersing yourself in a new show or movie.

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When looking for something to watch, most of us like to pick a story we can see ourselves in. Furthermore, how often are these characters played by actors with the disability they are portraying? In a study by the Ruderman Foundationout of shows across 37 networks and 4 streaming services, How can you accurately portray the experiences of someone with a disability if you are not casting someone who has lived through those experiences?

The media often confuses presence with representation, but the two are not the same. So how about we spend less time talking about content with authentic disability representation and more time watching. Below is a collection of shows and movies you can stream right now! This documentary does a great job of reminding us how important friendship is. With humor and bold curiosity, she chases love and freedom in the most unexpected of places: a provocative fringe community.

When we see individuals with disabilities on our screens, we are usually given a surface-level look into their lives. Very rarely are topics such as sexuality and relationships among individuals with disabilities given much screen time. This film portrays these subjects in a refreshing and unique way, bringing light to conversations and ideas that for long have been considered taboo. This new documentary tells the story of dozens of unsung heroes of the disability rights movement, many of which met at a camp for children with disabilities in the s. This is the story of a man obsessed with his craft.

Hear from Richard and his family how his ambition and passion for card magic has impacted all of their lives. Noah, an year old boy with social anxiety disorder, navigates middle school with the help of his emotional support dog. Every child likes to feel like they are being seen and heard.

Finding characters that they can relate to in their favorite shows helps validate their experiences and makes them feel like they are not alone. With much of the footage recorded by Lotje herself, viewers are able to follow her journey step by step as she learns to adapt to her new circumstances.

Ladies looking sex Cape May Point New Jersey

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